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Facts about OFT by Ka69er

Pilgrim, who wrote the crtitic "Bad Write Up or Simply Incompetent Writting" could have been referring to himself when writing the title of his piece. He copied from our blog, without our express permission, the article "Appropriation of Original Filipino Tapado" by Ka69er and pasted it on his blog "FMA Circle of Negros Island" but with the WRONG TITLE derived from a write up by a different author, "Original Tapado Inheritor/Headmaster Turns 58" by: James U. Sy Jr. That indeed is Incompetent Writing, as least for Pilgrim.

Pilgrim claimed to have the facts. But let's dissect his concerns point by point.

1. He stressed that GM Vasquez was a direct student of the Founder. Of course, this is not disputed. It is a fact. However, to say that he didn't had sessions with the trusted relatives of GM Mamar is another thing. We wish to invite Pilgrim to go to Taloc and go ask the old timers and he will get the real facts. We presume that Pilgrim haven't gone to Taloc and had not talked with the locals who know the ins and outs of Tapado. If Pilgrim doesn't go to Taloc, it would just show how he had closed his mind to the facts.

2. If Pilgrim was talking about the authorization that appeared in the book Fundamentals of Tapado, the authorization stated that GM Vasquez was given the authority "to spread Tapado around the world." It didn't state anything about inheriting the art. But then we know GM Vasquez has his own path, that is to develop and further evolve his Modified Tapado. It has been said before that Original and Modified are different. In fact you stressed the same thing, emphasizing the modifications.

3. Pilgrim seems to be thinking that the Original Filipino Tapado founded by GM Mamar and now taught by his nephew GM Lobrido are two different arts. We can not understand where Pilgrim got this idea or why he thinks this way. Right from the early days, the Founder called his system Original Filipino Tapado and was continued to be so called because his nephew propagates it as the Founder had founded, developed, and taught it.

(the banner at the background of the Picture reads Original Filipino Tapado Long Stick Fighting Ass'n Member Naraphil, Ilaya Taloc, Bago City Negros Occidental)

(the same banner at the background while GM Nono and Master Chief Instructor Bebing Lobrido is demonstrating the art to Ron Harris)

(The same banner is seen in this picture at the background wherein GM Nono Mamar was explaining to Mr. Ron Harris the details of becoming a member)
If Pilgrim is not aware, the Tapado group under the late Founder was called Original Filipino Tapado Long Stickfighting Association (OFTLSFA), Inc., founded in 1984, and yes, Pilgrim was correct, only registered with the SEC in 2005. But being registered only in 2005 doesn't mean that the association or the art Original Filipino Tapado did not exist prior to that. By his own admission, Pilgrim said that Gm Mamar founded his system in 1960.

We might have just misunderstood Pilgrim's point but his writting seems to suggest that he is confused with his facts.

4. Pilgrim emphasized that GM Vasquez made modifications to the Original Filipino Tapado of GM Mamar and called it Modified Tapado. That in itself is not contested. It is an accepted fact. GM Vasquez is a man of skill, ability, and integrity. It is his own contribution to the martial arts community. Nobody is taking away credit from a great man. In fact, GM Mamar promoted him to Master in Original Filipino Tapado in 1986 when he had become an expert in the art.

However, please do understand this Pilgrim. GM Lobrido, the only designated Chief Instructor of GM Mamar's art when the Founder was still alive, still has the right to continue the legacy of his late uncle, after having been designated as his official successor recognized by the Mamar and Lobrido Clans as well as the Tapado community. No one can get that right from GM Lobrido.

(in this authority to teach given to Mr. Ron Harris, the Letterhead reads Original Filipino Tapado Long Stick Fighting Ass'n and the chief instructor was GM Bebing Lobrido)
5. As with regards GM Mamar giving his blessings to the publication of GM Vasquez' Fundamentals of Tapado, it is not disputed. It is a fact, a fact which have not be questioned in the write up you had copied from our blog and pasted in your blog without our express permission.

6. BTW Pilgrim, Fundamentals of Tapado was published in 2005, after the founder died, as opposed to what you have written that it was in 2003. We would surmise it was simply a slip of memory on your part or simply incompetent writting.

7. Pilgrim was correct when he said that GM Vasquez was the president of the Original Filipino Tapado Long Stick Fighting Association (OFTLSFA). In fact, he was the first. His successors were Benito Lopez Jr., GM Mamar, and GM Lobrido, the current president.

8.. Which brings us to the next point. GM Vasquez was the president while the Chief Instructor was GM Lobrido, even way back when the association was not yet in existence or when Tapado was not yet taught in Bacolod. Administrative and technical positions are not the same Pilgrim.

9. Original Filipino Tapado is not questioning the existence of Modified Tapado. Why then do you question the existence of Original Filipino Tapado, Pilgrim?

All the stated facts in Ka69ers' can be easily be backed by testimonies and deocuments and records kept by the association. What was published were not mere friction but grounded in reality. If you have problems with it, you are always welcome to give proof that will invalidate the facts stated in the article in question.

(list of active members at the time when the association is very active)

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