Thursday, November 20, 2008

talok practice

Video clips of our (OFT) core group practice session with headmaster GM Bebing Lobrido at his rice farm. It is located at purok langka, bgy. taloc, bago city. negros occidental.

Aside from the long stick that we used during practice, there is also a short stick which is being used during exhibition and demonstration. it is based on the long stick accroding to the headmaster GM Bebing Lobrido.

new linyadas were being practiced during our visit to the headmasters' residence.

Aside from treating us to the smell of burning coffee sticks due to its impact during practice, lunch was also served to us, as part of our relaxation in between practice.


Phil Mar Nadela said...


I would like to know if there is a book for Original Tapado. I am really interested to learn but is to only way to learn is to come to the Philippines? I know in the blog that a Ron Harris knows the art but is he teaching in North America? I live in Canada and we do not have anyone here who knows Original Tapado. I would really appreciate any info that can be provided.
I also apologize for i do not have an email to properly contact your group.
Thank you for your time.


Phil Mar Nadela

69buccaneer said...

Dear Phil,
If you open there there was a special edition on Original Filipino Tapasdo. In this issue we publish a manual for our students. Kindly browse through the internet.
In canada we have a student there in Ontario but he is not teaching there.