Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Joe Tan's Talk to CMAS Members

Last August 4, 2009, a senior member of the Original Filipino Tapado, Mr. Joe Tan, Visited the CMAS group at the DMA gym. He shared with the group his experience in the States in his propagation of the Original Filipino Tapado system. Prior to this meeting, he visited the headmaster and 1st generation inheritor, GM Bebing Lobrido, in Bgy. Taloc, Bago city. accompanied by Mr. Hansy Alojado.
John Ong, Joefrey Deriada, Montano Mondia, Joey Toga (pictures taken by Ms. Joy Gallos)
Hansy Alojado introducing Mr. Joe Tan to the CMAS group
Chief Bebing Lobrido, Hansy Alojado, Joe Tan
Chief Bebing Lobrido and Joe Tan
Mr. Joe Tan making a point.

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